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Mike Slader

Red Riding Hood - leeds City Varieties Theatre Dec’19 - Jan’20 - Dodgit / Hare

….It’s also a cast of fantastic duos. Lana Walker and Mike Slader are hugely entertaining as resident morons Dodgit and Bodgit, bringing all the gurning idiocy and prat-falling of Home Alone villains to this lively adventure.  - Always Time for Theatre

The cast of actor-musicians are indeed hugely talented. Think that band at your friends’ wedding who played all those songs that just make you want to dance all night. It really is hard to believe that they will keep up this level of energy through to 12th January, but they’re professionals and they will!  The cast were entirely fantastic - Yorkshire Wonders

Red Riding Hood is pantomime at its finest. Its highly talented cast of actor-musicians sing, dance, double up in totally different roles and most of all engage with their audience from the very beginning. - Yorkshire Wonders

Photos - Ant Robling

Photos -

Dick Whittingham - Stafford Gatehouse - Dec’18- Jan’19 - Rat Scurvey / Drums

Musically, the show is sensational, with a fabulous collection of rock and pop hits from decades gone by delivered superbly by a talented cast of actor/singers - The Stage  

…..had the audience dancing in their seats - Stoke Sentinal