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Mike Slader

Macbeth - Watermill Theatre, Newbury - 12th . 30th March

The musicianship is excellent, providing a throbbing urgency which underscores the text. The cast is universally strong. …….. Mike Slader (Macduff) provided, for me, the one moment when I felt truly moved as he received the news of his family’s slaughter. Overall, this is a powerful, energetic, stimulating and fiery production and I was quite envious of the school party in the theatre, thinking what a brilliant possible introduction to Shakespeare in performance this was. A great night.  - Sardines review

……the graphic horror of her (Lady Macduff’s) slaughter along with her twin babies and his young son and the devastation of Mike Slader's steely Macduff receiving the news. The entire ensemble also provides the unnerving, pulsing percussion as part of a tapestry of sounds recorded and live underscoring the action. - What’s on Stage

One of the strengths of the Watermill's Macbeth is the ensemble that performs it. They bring a vibrant energy to the production, rarely stopping to let the audience catch their breath. It really is terrific to watch the cast so competently switch between the text and the music performed and they each manage to breath life and personality into their role, no matter the number of lines it has.. Daily Info

Appearing in:  Macbeth at The Watermill -  28th February - 30th March 2019 - Macduff

Photos - Pamela Raith